Local Moving Services in Atlanta--Worth Every Penny - Part 1

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Now that you have sold your house and have a new one on the horizon, party time's over—it is time to box up all your possessions and lug them across town to the new home. Since you are just going a hop, skip and a jump or maybe a couple miles away, it is tempting to try to handle the move on your own--after all, how difficult can it be to rent a truck and get some friends over to throw your furniture into the back of the truck?

Ask anyone who has ever moved--it can be (and usually is) really, really taxing. Relocating is plenty of a stress without the hassle of a Do-It-Yourself project, and now is not the time to think you can binge watch YouTube videos on how to pack a truck and be able to do it flawlessly. Your kids are probably thinking about changing schools and making friends, your significant other is distressed about a new dry cleaner and driving routine, and the last thing you need to do is multiply the stress by attempting a DIY move in Atlanta.

Why Local?

Why not? A local company in Atlanta has its perks. First, they know the lay of the land and won't be counting on their phones to navigate to your new house. Also, they should know what size of moving vehicle will best work for which areas of town, which can be very handy if you are moving to a gated community or a location that has truck restrictions. Second, a local company has a lot more invested in doing a satisfactory job for you--word of mouth travels fast, and if you are not ok with the move, then they have to live with the bad reviews. When you hire locally, you're also keeping the local economy going-- a win/win for everybody in Atlanta

Questions They'll Have

When you contact the movers, they'll have lots of questions, so have this basic information ready. Most of it you know without really having to dig, but there may be one or two questions that you really have to think about. It is probably a good idea to take an inventory of your things, one room at a time, because moving is mind-boggling enough that you don't want to forget all the stuff in the storage shed.

How many bedrooms? Do you have a barn, basement, storage shed, or all three? Does your barn have a loft? Do you have a grandfather clock, or anything really, really heavy like a standing safe? Any play equipment like trampolines or basketball goals? How about any outside items that will be moving?

They'll also want to know if you have antiques or art. If you do have high value things, the movers will most likely require additional information about these items.

Once you have provided this basic information, you will most likely be provided with a ballpark estimate and an option for a free in-home survey for your local move in Atlanta. An in-home estimate is much more specific and calculates the cost with much more precision than the initial ballpark estimate. It covers the specific services that you need. During the survey is a great time to ask all of the burning questions that you are pondering.

Be sure to check out our next post that examines all of the questions that you need to ask your mover. Or, if you are ready to skip ahead and get started with your move, click the button below.
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