Six Ways to Keep the Staff Motivated For Your Office Move to Atlanta

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingAt some point in the life cycle of your business you're going to move your office. A commercial relocation is often as stressful for you and your workers as a household goods move, only more so for you since you're accountable for your crew's well-being, as well. Here are six strategies to keep your crew commited and involved during your office move to Atlanta.

Open Communication

Be as honest and transparent as you can with your workers. Make them aware of the causes for the move--growth, more affordable office space, or even the need to be nearer to infrastructure including railways or airports--and more to the point, make the move public as early as possible. In case your move is caused by downsizing, assure your remaining employees that the move is a natural part of a favorable reorientating. Prepare a pre-move work schedule that includes crucial dates--any task due dates, the times you'll be moving, the periods that you will be packing and loading. The greater specifics you supply, the better your staff will be able to coordinate their tasks through to the move date. If something shifts in your schedule, spread the word.

Request Suggestions

After you have chosen to make a move, accumulate input from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the area and the style of office space they would like. As much as possible, involve the workers in the decision making--these are the folks who got you where you are, hence their views and suggestions ought to matter.

Tackle Drive Times, Transportation, and Parking

Each company is different, however there are a few constants across the board such as--everybody needs to commute to the office. If you're in a small town, a move will not be such a big problem concerning items like parking garages, public transit, as well as traffic patterns because they normally aren't a difficulty. If those are factors to your employees, you should consider how they effect their capability to get to and from the office in a reasonable time, and how and where they park should you be in an metropolitan space where parking is at a premium. Map out everybody's new drive and time, and if you can, offer to assist with bus or subway fare or parking costs. Be receptive to adjustable hours or work-from-home days for any workers that face lengthy driving times.

Supply Details on Day Care in Atlanta

Investigate child care and after school care in the new office and offer to help pay any application costs for associates who will need to make a change in day care.

Define Objectives, However Have Some Fun

It's easy to get ensnared in the anxiety and adrenaline rush--to the point which almost no work gets completed in the days preceeding the office move to Atlanta. Particularly when your move is cross country, it's simple to forget about the tasks at hand if you find yourself looking for a new place to live and marketing your old residence and investigating school districts and uprooting families. There'll be turmoil and anxiety, so grant your team some leeway--but be ready to gently steer any strays back on the right track in case they begin to slip.

Human nature being what it is, there's bound to be some low spirits and anxiousness within the weeks approaching the move. Once more, if the move is long distance this will be more pronounced, so offer prizes for keeping focused and productive. Schedule packing gatherings or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Put Together an Information Packet on Atlanta

Even in this digital time, an information packet is a marvellous thing to get. The detail of the package is determined by the scale of the move--if it happens to be local then chances are you will not need to analyze school choices and neighborhoods. For a transfer that involves moving homes not to mention the workplace, there will be the points you'll need to manage, for instance: neighborhoods, schools, daycare, churches, hospitals/health care, local retail stores (grocery, drugstore, shopping), dining establishments, vets, gyms and after school programs.

Similar to any move, a commercial relocation to Atlanta will probably be stressful. By using these simple ideas, you can easily alleviate a part of that worry and make sure it is a favorable experience leading to higher staff retention, so that you will hit the ground running the first working day at the new office.

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