Questions to Ask When Getting a Moving Quote

Getting a quote for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to is a huge deal. No matter whether you are moving down the street or a fair distance, there's a lot of work as well as specifics that need to be attended to. Hiring a professional mover in Atlanta can help alleviate some of the stress, but where would you even start in finding the best moving company for your needs? It is important to talk to a number of movers and compare costs prior to signing an agreement with just any moving company in Atlanta. In spite of this, it can be more intricate than simply giving them a call and asking what they will charge for the move. Different moving companies provide numerous thresholds of service and different services are contained in their customary quote. Therefore, it is very important to check every estimate and spend some time to comprehend what is and what's not contained in them to enable you to make an “apples-to-apples” comparison. The following are several questions you should ask while you are collecting and analyzing moving estimates.

1) Which services are additional?

Not a soul likes unexpected surprises with regards to moving, especially when those surprises are in the shape of charges on your bill. A huge blunder that lots of individuals make is assuming that everything required will be automatically bundled in your moving estimate. Go over every line of the quotation and make sure that you understand what exactly is and what is possibly not incorporated and confirm that your expectations are covered. In the event that anything you need to have is not contained, ask for it to be added to the estimate. Be certain to repeat this with each and every moving company in Atlanta you are considering selecting so you can properly compare quotes.

2) What is the valuation of the goods?

Let’s face it. Professional movers are real people and in spite of their very best attempts, accidental damage can take place sometimes. Valuation will help cover the price of repairing or replacing damaged things. The majority of moving companies offer you different levels of valuation for your move with the least expensive valuation package paying a flat rate per pound for broken belongings, so ensure that you know what amount of vaulation is included in the quote. It is advisable to also get hold of your insurance agent to find out if your belongings may be insured throughout your move using your homeowner’s insurance policy.

3) Is this a binding or non-binding estimation?

It is advisable to obtain either an in-person or video estimate so your moving company estimator is able to see your possessions and approximate their weight and also the amount of cartons that you may need. If you receive a binding estimate, it should contain all costs and should make certain that the total does not surpass the quoted rate. If it isn’t something you and the moving company rep have reviewed, make certain and ask if the quote is going to be binding or non-binding.

4) What about payment?

It’s imperative that you know payment timing in addition to acceptable methods. Make certain to check out if you have to put down a deposit. It is not out of the ordinary for moving companies in Atlanta to require a portion of the total invoice to be paid upon loading with the remainder due after the job has been performed. In addition, you’ll want to discover what payment methods the moving company in Atlanta will accept. Most companies accept credit cards, but some may require a check or cash. If you are paying by check, ask if a personal check shall be accepted or if you need a cashier’s check. The last thing you need is to be not prepared and have to run to the bank at the last minute, during an already hectic time.

We'd like you to feel entirely at ease with your choice of moving company, which is why we invite you to ask as many questions as you desire. If you're ready to get started on your move, speak to A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Atlanta right now to ask for a quote.


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