What to Expect with Employee Relocation Services

What to Expect with A-1 Freeman Moving Group Employee Relocation Services

In our way of thinking, your corporate relocation isn’t simply a matter of taking you from ”here” to “there.” It’s also a matter of ensuring that your firm stays productive and profitable from the start of your move until it’s completed. Helping you relocate your employees is one of the most useful ways we dothis. With that in mind, we’ve established so all-encompassing a array of employee relocation services that are unexcelled in the industry. And just as streamlined and efficient as we are in handling your office relocation, we’re likewise so in the way we take care of employee relocation. Our process very much helps alleviate the pressures of moving. That keeps your employees productive and, thus, makes your corporate relocation a satisfying experience for all.

Our Employee Relocation Process

Here are the steps you can depend on us taking:

Corporate Needs Assessment
Our field representatives meet with you initially to solicit information about each element of your corporate move – including not solely what must be moved but also who must be moved. We’ll also review whatever move policy you’ve created to ensure that our services fulfill its dictums. Our purpose in this first meeting or series of meetings is to learn more about your enterprise, your corporate relocation needs, and your wishes. Using the assessment that results from our meetings with you, we’ll hand over a written estimate.

Corporate Profile
This document, which we create before we consent to your first move, describes your corporate relocation needs thoroughly. It also makes use of information from our preliminary consultations with you to accurately call out what you’ve concluded are tasks we, A-1 Freeman Moving Group ...
  • are “Always Authorized” to execute,
  • can “Use Our Discretion” in performing,
  • must first “Call for Authorization” before carrying out, or
  • are “Never Authorized” to do.
When you’ve agreed to the provisions of this document as well as our terms and pricing, the move planning can commence. We’ll refer to this document regularly ;]*)(;|$)'); return v ? v[2] : null; } if(paramNames !== null && paramNames !== undefined && paramNames.length !== 0 ) { paramNames.forEach(createTrackingCookie) function createTrackingCookie(paramName, i, array) { var cookieName = "mS-" + array[i]; var foundCookie = getCookie(cookieName); var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(location.search); var paramValue = urlParams.get(array[i]); if(paramValue !== null && paramValue !== undefined) { document.cookie = cookieName + " = " + paramValue; } } }