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August 02, 2018

Getting ready for College Move-in Day in Atlanta--Getting There can be Half the Thrill

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman 

Moving to College

Summer consistently flies by, nevertheless, if you're the mum or dad of a soon-to-be-college freshman, it will go at warp speed. Typically the to-do list appears never-ending, and at the conclusion of your list may be the significant question--how do you get all the things from your home to school in Atlanta? In the event your young person is heading to school down the highway and you have a minivan, you'll be able to congratulate yourself and find something else to read through. But if your child's dream college is across the nation while you are living in the town as well as drive a Prius, moving to Atlanta are usually a real predicament. Here are a few ideas to help you to maneuver down the list, allowing you to savor your last couple of days along with your fledgling.

Getting It Together

These days, the internet renders college buying very simple. A lot of merchants give you a college checklist page that even incorporates a registry--kind of like whenever you got married, only bathroom towels and linens for a single person. Additionally you can shop from your house and grab your stuff near to campus in Atlanta, or shop online and have your things delivered straight to the dorm room. As an extra bonus, a multitude of locations offer free shipping when you spend over a specific amount. This Age group whatever the letter was raised on the net consequently, to them, almost every other way to get all set for school appears to be bizarre.

In the event your child would like to go shopping in person, your first stop should be someplace for big bins--an number of sizes, allowing you to leave some there (find out what the under-bed clearance is; storage is limited) and also re-use them on move-out day. (University students move a LOT, if you have forgotten.) Label the bins with masking tape, again for them to be utilized over again.

Packing attire is particular to your situation, not necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach. Certain parts of the nation have a fairly steady climate, where winter means a big jacket and lasts about three weeks. Quite a few campuses are sizeable and college students walk a good deal, others are compact and metropolitan. Your son or daughter's school may very well be local, so exchanging out a set of clothing is simple. Or, it may be lots of miles away and all the things for that year goes at one time. Irrespective of how many suitcases you bring, leave only a duffle bag and perhaps a hanging bag there--space is tight, and you'll bring all the bags back in May.

Getting It There

Again, each and every scenario is distinct, but there's one constant. Except if you happen to reside next door from the campus in Atlanta, you need to get all the stuff from home to the university. Here are several choices for moving to Atlanta, you can merge and match.

· Driving Yourself--if you have an SUV or a pair and your distance isn't much more than a few hundred miles, you can probably load up and move. If you've obtained the essentials on the web and they're coming to the dormitory, you may be able to get away with a single car. The downside to driving a long distance is that implies time off from your job, and places to stay en route. It can also indicate babysitters for younger brothers and sisters, or pet boarding, thus be mindful of expenditures you will incur.

· Flying--some students are self-sufficient and therefore are happy to be dropped off at the airport terminal. Flying may be suitable for a few families, and you can ship all of their stuff in advance so it is there once you arrive. Checking suitcases runs into significant cash, so shipping is usually the only thing which is sensible with air travel.

· Hiring Movers--may appear luxurious, however in the end might be a really expedient solution. If you have that Prius and therefore are investigating renting a sport utility vehicle as well as the costs that go along with a long road trip, selecting professional movers in Atlanta could save you cash and time. Get in the Prius and meet up with the movers at the dorm--and you'll have help actually moving the boxes.

Since you have selected the logistics for moving Junior to the dorm, start your checklist for your true moving to Atlanta. Many colleges move in on a weekday (the better to wreak havoc on parent's work schedules), hence the first thing you'll need to do is confirm the date and take the time off. Here are several other things to consider.

· Student Help--Most educational institutions have student volunteers to help you unpack and move cartons, and set up any furniture (if you're doing a loft, confirm they will be accessible for that). These kids are terrific assets with regard to dinning establishments, too.

· Stairs or Elevators--If you're fortunate enough to have a building having an elevator, be prepared to wait in a lengthy, long, line. Odds are good you will need to deal with stairways in its place; quite possibly up 3 or 4 flights.

· Check-in--Student Housing offices are generally a good distance from the actual college students and their dorms. Before you snag a parking place at the dormitory and start unloading, ensure you may get inside the building. Schools differ regarding check-in policies--some have personnel at the dorms handing out Identification cards and also keys, others, you need to visit the office in order to let them know you're there and get started.

· Cleaning Supplies--College dorms are not known to excel in sanitation. They are usually cleaned in between residents, however it is not to five-star resort standards--and might not get vacuumed once again until May. Take with you some wipes and a dry mop so that you can dust the surfaces and floors, plus a small basket of basic cleaning supplies to leave. Some universities have housekeeping services, but most don't and teens have not gotten much more meticulous regarding cleaning in the recent times. (Some things never change.)

· Rentals--Find out the price to rent a mini-fridge and microwave oven from the school, and determine whether it's less than buying. Take into account items like maintenance as well as travel back and forth from your house at the time you make your decision--they're both economical to buy, nevertheless, if something wrong happens, it is your problem.

· Parent Programming--Find out what sorts of events are scheduled for moms and dads on moving day. Should you be going to a large state school, there will not be a great deal offered unless your kid is an athlete or maybe in the honors college or something along those lines. Small universities are more likely to offer coffee and muffins plus a bit of hand-holding.

· Bring Snacks--If you are fathers and mothers that arrive having bagels as well as donuts for the student help, they'll love you and also put in a bit of extra hard work with your boxes. Pack a cooler with drinks and goodies for yourselves, also. It will likely be a long day.

· Be Comfortable--Wherever you might be, moving in day is the hottest day of the entire year. Except in cases where it's the rainiest. Wear loose attire and comfy footwear, but do not humiliate your child with dad socks and flip flops.

· Allotted Parking--Find out if perhaps there might be designated parking places nearby the entrances, and if so the length of time can you remain in one. You will probably have 20-30 minutes so that you can unload, then go park in an alternative lot for the box hauling and set up.

When you have unloaded and also unpacked in Atlanta, it's time so that you can leave. Allow a few minutes to say goodbye and depart with your head held high along with your sniffles in balance until you're out of the parking area.

A classic custom of leaving small notes stowed within pockets is an excellent one--just a line to let your freshman know you're thinking about them is a nice gesture, and it is your decision how serious or funny you want to be. However you connect, keep doing it.

If you are searching for a professional mover in Atlanta to assist in moving your college student, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group a shout!!

The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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