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November 21, 2018

Relocation Depression is a Real Thing

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Real discussion here. Moving to Atlanta to a new home is stressful given the ideal circumstances. You are exiting your residence--where you have made a life for yourself along with your loved ones--and starting off once again in a foreign location. Sure, the move on its own is exciting--an adrenaline rush which goes on for weeks or months during the time you find a new home, load up the old one, and become settled with your family in their new daily routines. 
Yet after the cartons are unpacked and you've determined the best path to the dry cleaners, the new reality sets in--you are in a new area, and your pals and social life are back in your old area--the area you at present consider as "home". And everything appears off kilter--there's a sense of being misplaced, and you are uncertain whether it's a physical or mental place, but it is simply wrong. It's not home.

These kind of indicators might be more than the post-move doldrums. It's possible that you may have something known as "relocation depression". Relocation depression is actually a thing--the starting point is after most of the craziness of the move dissipates--and needs to be considered seriously and addressed in the event that you can't get rid of it by yourself.  

Signs to Look out for

These are a few of the warning signs to look for, the presence of some of these in a couple of week period suggests you need to acquire some professional help. 

You Can't Get Out of Bed 

And once you do, you're fatigued and really don't have the vigor to get through your day. Insomnia can be another characteristic of depression; you may be drained constantly, nevertheless you are unable to go to sleep. Or you can sleep--12 hours at a time and you will be still worn out. 

Absence of Interest in Anything 

In your past house or city, you had your schedule as well as your stuff--work, buddies, hobbies--that loaded your weeks. Nowadays, you have your job, however your friends didn't come along with you and it's hard to be passionate about your interests if, like a third-grader, you do not have anybody to play with. Adults needs close friends too, so do not feel bad or remorseful that you happen to be a little lonesome. 

In the event you just can't get interested in anything--activities, work, finding new buddies, interacting with family--chances are it's really a sign of depression. Combined with the blahs comes being unable to think straight--if something may get your consideration, it would not survive but a minute or two and you'd zone out. 

Reluctance to Leave the Residence 

The new house is your refuge, and you simply don't wish to leave it. Let's be honest, you've got TV shows for binging, and your social network to check. Social networking can be a double-edged sword because it lets you stay up with acquaintances, however it can also support and abet in your remaining in and not making new friends.  

How you can Fight Relocation Depression

There are certain things that can be done to remove the haze, so try these and see if you feel better. 

Get Some Exercise--Active folks feel healthier, so get out and just walk around the block a couple of times each day. If you have a dog this is a built-in excuse to get outside. Build on that outside time every day. 

Decrease or Do away with Alcohol--This is a depressant, therefore it is best to stay away from it until you are feeling better. 

Talk with People--Take a class or enroll in a newcomers group. Volunteer--extra hands and abilities are frequently welcome. Just a few new contacts produces a big difference. 

Try Something New--Go to galleries, coffee houses, theater, restaurants--explore your new town and get to know it. Keeping busy is similar to exercise--it keeps the excitement moving along and you will have far more energy. 

If these home remedies don't help, look for a professional. Relocation depression is no scam, and neglected, will get out of hand into something even more serious. You understand yourself better than anyone, and when things aren't quite right, become aware of your body and mind. Moving to Atlanta is considered one of life's most nerve-racking occasions, however it doesn't have to be a reason for gloominess or depression.


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The Mickelson Family
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