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January 09, 2019

Social Media and Moving to Atlanta | A-1 Freeman

Social Media and MovingIn the past before the online world, you were (metaphorically) flying blind when moving in a different town. You may choose to compose a letter to or call the area Chamber of Commerce for info, or look through your alumni publication to uncover a few associates there, but generally you found out about the right pediatrician, health club, and dry cleaners through experimentation and maybe a number of wrinkly pants.

As a result of social media tools including Facebook, Nextdoor, and Pinterest, you may get the state of things from the comfort of your couch before you even commence to think of scheduling your long-distance household move. Facebook provides the most detailed selection of groups and pages, however Instagram will send you down a more obscure route for all kinds of things from contractors and interior designers to eateries, shops, and watering holes. Keep reading for a high-level summary of each social platform and how they could assist when moving to Atlanta.


Facebook is the Sears Christmas catalog for today's generation--it has got something for all of us, but for newcomers who may have just moved to town it's a treasure trove of data, which includes real-time and real-life testimonials. The appropriate communities and listings names differ throughout the country yet search for these kinds of names.

· Moms in Charge (MIC)

MIC started being a marketplace option to online resources similar to Craigslist in 2015 but has transformed to the go-to authorities--half dance studio testimonials, part flea market, a portion counseling program--this circle has affiliates across the country. It's a closed community, which means you need an invite, or ask to join and the local site administrator adds you after having a speedy--typically algorithmic--peek at your personal page, to be sure you're a real person. There are other community moms' Facebook communities, as well, that you're sure to find with just a brief search.

· Community Area/Town Page

Almost every hamlet and crossroads currently provides a Facebook profile--it is commonly run by the economic development or parks and rec department. It is a open public page and discusses everything from the fire division's managed burns to free dip day at the local ice cream shop. Community pages usually connect over to the city's internet site, which has more comprehensive specifics of area events.


Nextdoor is an app for your cell phone which takes the local social media happenings to a really community point--building, block, addition, or maybe small town. You will need to confirm you reside the place you say you do to join--they commonly send out a code to your address--thus a specific group's membership will be securely managed. You will rapidly discover more than you may want to know regarding all of your new neighbors, and indeed, who's not picking up their dog's poo has been known to be a trending area of interest.


On the surface, Pinterest seems like the outsider here--it is basically pictures of food items and people's houses. In case you are into design and you have moved to Atlanta, as an example, look up "architectural columns Atlanta" and you'll find historic dwellings, nearby architects, and everything else vaguely connected with that search. The identical thing goes for places to eat, stores, health spas, and other merchants--shops in essence advertise on the site, however it opens more than the typical mall-and-chain store buying expertise for newcomers.


That's right, that same LinkedIn that probably got you the new job in the new town is a superb site for finding volunteer opportunities--the portion of the site is LinkedIn For Good and can connect you with the charities in the area. Nothing compares to working with a cause you truly believe in to help you feel like an integral part of your new neighborhood.

The nice thing about utilizing social media to become acclimated after moving to Atlanta is that you are able to do it at your leisure from your bubble bath, rather than phoning during business hours and anticipating the best.


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The Mickelson Family
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