Methods to Move Your Houseplants and Fish Tanks

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman 

Moving Plants Professional movers are going to do everything they're able to to help you to move specialty items to Atlanta, from art work to sensitive electronics. No matter the dimensions, weight, or difficulty to handle, your movers can probably handle the task. However, there are some things that movers are not legally allowed to move, and for good purpose. Moving trucks are dim, not temperature-controlled, as well as the interior of the truck can go unmonitored for days to greater than a week during the moving process. This is why movers cannot handle anything living for you, including furniture-like things that are alive such as houseplants and fish tanks.

But, because items can't go in the moving van does not mean we're not able to show you how to look after them. Specialty item moving can be a tricky project and we're here to be of assistance every step of the way. Even with stuff that will have to be moved to Atlanta in your own vehicle.

Methods to Move Houseplants

Verify the Regulations

If you're moving to Atlanta across state lines, make certain all of your plant species are allowed in. Some states have got rigid laws about bringing in new plant types.

Re-Pot in lightweight Plastic Pots

Large, hefty, and ceramic pots aren't handy for moving. They are more difficult to lift and more likely to break mistakenly amidst the move. Repot your houseplants in light and portable plastic pots if possible so they are safer to move quickly and efficiently.

Pack the Soil with Damp Paper

To prevent the soil from spilling, pack the top of your pot with damp paper. This may keep the soil from becoming dry and from spilling in your car.

Place in Roomy Boxes with Air Holes

Your houseplants need proper protection along with a passable growing ambiance throughout the move. Consider tall boxes like wardrobe boxes for larger plants. Be sure to pack the pot tightly at the base to circumvent slipping while giving lots of space for the leaves and stems. You could possibly think about trimming your plants back for the move to Atlanta so they are simpler to transport.

Going with Your Plants

If you have only a few plants, securing them into your backseat is an ideal choice. Otherwise, consider a small trailer for a large number of plants. Be sure to keep your interior of the car a comfortable neutral temperature and you should not water them unless they end up very dry. Watch out for extreme temperatures. Should you stop on the way, bring the plants inside and open them up to receive some light.

Consider Taking Cuttings Instead

If moving your plants seems like a whole lot of work however you still would like them as part of your new residence, think about taking small cuttings to restart with and gifting your existing potted collection to friends or maybe selling them for a little extra moving funds.

Methods to Move an Aquarium

Pack in Their Water

As you may have learned, water within a aquarium is properly balanced for healthy fish so your fish would be better transported in their own water. To make certain this water is properly balanced and also as clean as it can be, replace about 20% of the tank water every day for 5 days before the trip and quit feeding your fish for 1 day ahead of the trip. This should reduce waste within the water making your fish more healthy on the move. Fish can survive for about 7 days without food if well-fed ahead of the move to Atlanta.

For Few Fish, Transport in sturdy Plastic Bags

If you just have only a few fish in a tiny aquarium tank, it is possible to pack them in one or two tough plastic bags. Be sure the bags are filled up with water from your aquarium. This is how fish get home from the pet store and it also ought to be safe for your little swimming pets en route to your new residence.

For Many Fish, Separate into Five Gallon Containers

For those who have a large assortment of fish within a big fish tank, pick up several 5-gallon containers with lids which secure tightly. Fill the containers with aquarium water and space out your fish between them, ensuring never to crowd the fish too much in any one container.

Transporting Your Fish

Fish in bags may be packed inside Styrofoam in containers. Fish in containers must be properly secured inside your backseat where they are going to shake minimally. Be cautious concerning transportation temperature, particularly if traveling in the summertime or winter months. Take the fish inside with you if you should stop at lodging along the route.

Think about Using a Pet Shop

Some pet shops will actually assist you to move as well as board your fish. This is basically the optimal solution if it may take you some hours to get their aquarium tank set back up again in your new residence.

Aquarium with You or the Movers

Finally, decide what you want to do with the fish tank. Fully emptied and adequately cleaned out, your movers can deal with it as a specialty item going into the truck itself to Atlanta. Having said that, if you could possibly get to the new residence prior to the moving company, you might want to load up the aquarium tank within your trunk instead.

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