Moving to Atlanta During the School Year? Three Reasons It's a Good Idea, And One That's A Challenge

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Truth. Not all moves happen at a convenient time. In fact, with over 36 million folks in the US moving every year.

Most grown-ups are good with whatever, but if you throw children in the mix, matters get a tad complicated. Many parents have it within their heads that you cannot move throughout the school year, that it is too challenging to blend within the classroom once school has started. Having said that, many households who have made a move to Atlanta mid-year have found the changeover much simpler as well as more stable compared to what they were anticipating. Here is how and why.

Teachers will already be in Their Rhythm

Think about the chaos of fall returning to school--teachers are learning a complete new class, kids are transitioning to new teachers and daily activities, and everybody is irritable due to the fact the summer time is over. Now take into consideration if you happen to introduce your children to a new setting in October or perhaps January--the teacher has identified the mechanics of the classroom and has the bandwidth to supply extra attention to your youngster. Compare that to your little one being an additional face and name to master, and the attributes of a mid-year move to Atlanta grow to be sharper.

New Children Get A lot of Attention

Kids get bored with their fellow students quickly, so your child contributes a bit of interest to an otherwise boring classroom. They're new, fascinating, and different--even for those who just originated from a couple of miles away, there's something exotic about the new kid--so a lot of households discover an easier social adjustment than they anticipated, as well.

Elementary as well as some middle schools will sometimes set you up with a partner family to show you the basics and introduce you--the moms and dads--around, and get you adjusted.

Be Diligent Upfront

Kids are amazingly rugged creatures and can get in the social swim of the new school with little problem. Your task is to try to make sure that their academic adjustment is really as smooth.

Whenever you learn your new school assignments, make contact with the office to not only figure out the documents you'll need for enrollment, but speak to facilitators to obtain an understanding of the academics. If you are moving inside of a school system you have already got a really good concept, however if you're moving into a whole new state or school district, you'll need to ensure your kids are where they should be educationally. Any standardized test scores will prove useful to find out where your youngster fits in the new school.

If the educating techniques are substantially different, or maybe the academics tend to be more stringent, there are a couple of possibilities. One can find online supplemental programs your child can complete at home to become up to the mark. Another choice is in-person tutoring, that could be encouraged if there are considerable gaps or your child has a different learning style.

When Moving Will Not Be Great For A Child

This really is more common with older teens, who're near to graduation. Some families make the difficult decision to leave that child behind, frequently with other relatives or even a close friend, so they can wrap up high school. This takes place more than you may realize, especially with athletes or even young people that happen to be academically strong and thinking about scholarship opportunities--a significant choice if you are moving outside of the state.

Should you be in this anxious situation, reassure your daughter or son that you will be there if at all possible for events, sports, and all the other stuff that encompass a senior year. Solicit the assistance of grandparents or caregivers to aid with younger kids so you can be with your older child for the significant stuff. After that, make sure you have their room ready at the new house, because they will come home, wherever you might be.


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