Should I Hire Professional Movers in Atlanta for some items?

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Heavy, large, and valuable--these 3 words strike fear in all but the most intrepid DIY mover. Newbie movers--you, your next door neighbor, your sister's husband's soccer team--are great putting cartons on a truck, but what about the things that will need a good amount of care and special care? Are you prepared to have stated sports team move your piano, or your blown-glass chandelier?

There are occassions when you will need a professional mover that can help. An experienced professional mover in Atlanta will move weighty, sizeable, and treasured articles faster and with lots less headache in comparison with friends and neighbors, and with much less hassle for you.


The only individuals who believe moving a piano is not a big deal are the individuals who've not ever done it. Pianos are sensitive instruments and are infamously challenging to move. If you wish to give it a try, you'll need quilted pads for wrapping, heavy-duty moving straps, and a furniture dolly. You will likely have to have a large berth to steer it within the home and onto the truck, plus several people to lift it up and move it. Important point--a piano has to remain in the vertical position with the lid firmly shut while it's being moved. In case you have either a stairway or any size grand piano, hire a professional moving company in Atlanta to do the job. Ask about their knowledge about pianos when you call.


Many household appliances aren't worth moving, however if yours happen to be comparatively new or customized (wine cellars, refrigerator drawers), you might want to bring them along. Ahead of when you commit to moving them all by yourself, consider if you can easily pull this off. A new smart refrigerator weighs about north of 300 lbs. and is not only heavy, it is ungainly and bulky. Almost all these new devices are much more fragile than your mother's Frigidaire; they're touchy computers and need to be handled with care.

Similarly, Televisions are less heavy than ever, yet considerably more delicate. Not merely is the display sensitive, but smart Television sets are basically computers and need to be handled as such. Never skimp on packing materials for the TV--wrap it completely with bubble wrap (not too tight) and make certain it remains vertical and protected. You can acquire a specialized TV box for your sets; these are padded and also sized correctly so that you do not have to feel concerned whether you have gotten it correct.

A professional moving company in Atlanta cannot merely deal with the actual move but disconnect and hook up all the things properly.


You might question how those sizeable furniture pieces got through your doors. The doorways didn't get smaller, yet odds are you have forgotten that the pieces of furniture entered unassembled. If you are planning a DIY move, get out your tools, and resign to invest some time taking stuff apart. With regard to pieces of furniture that may be all in a single section, you'll need a few materials. A furniture dolly, moving straps, and moving blankets can all make the process simpler, and so will the right lifting technique--always lift from your legs, not the back. Push the item instead of tugging it.

If these tips feel too much to handle, you might want to book movers to handle your heavy furniture. A professional crew is able to take down items which come apart, and carefully move the belongings that do not.


Once substantial and hefty are taken care of, have you considered the valuables? Art work and heirlooms present their own difficulties to handle properly, but with fortitude and preparation it is possible to move these items. Pack these things with plentiful padding--bubble wrap, newsprint, peanuts, or a combination--and box them securely. Purchase crates for good sized articles of art--it is worthwhile to move a painting securely to your new residence.

If you are seriously thinking of moving all by yourself, take the time to inventory everything in your residence to determine if that is realistic. Many homeowners in the end make the decision to use a professional moving company in Atlanta but leaving yourself time to get the best crew is critical.


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