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June 27, 2019

5 Things to Do Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Cans of SodaBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You have selected the perfect moving company in Atlanta, packed up your complete life into cartons, booked your dates with the professional movers, plotted your road trip, loaded your travel suitcase, and have a new place all lined up and waiting at your destination. Following all that effort to get everything primed... now it is moving day. And, if you've executed your job right, you might well discover yourself to be sitting on the front step anticipating the moving van wondering... what now?

Having a several hours to yourself on moving day can feel tranquil, stressful, fascinating, or uncertain. Everybody responds differently, however you don't have to simply sit around anticipating the moving truck to show up. Rather, you can review a helpful checklist which can ensure you really are bowing out with each and every duck in a row. Listed below are five superb tasks to accomplish whilst watching for the professional movers in Atlanta to show up.

Final Cabinet Check

Complete a last walk through your home and perform a concluding verification of each room, closet, cabinet, and upper shelf. Be sure you aren't negelecting anything or leaving behind a carton within a closed up area where the movers may not locate it. It could be helpful to have one final half-full box open to get the random glove, bracelet, or kitchen towel that you might scrounge up from the distant reaches of the cabinetry on your concluding check.

This is the perfect time to also get a glance at each bathroom. Ensure there is TP, a hand towel, and hand soap in every one. This is not just useful for you and the movers on moving day, it is additionally a polite real estate way to depart a house: bathroom-ready.

Clear Room for the Movers

Next, consider the place that the moving truck is likely to park. You'll need a long space, more than likely curbside, with the back (or side) of the moving truck directed in the direction of your house however that is possible, if you live in a parking-space restricted community, you might need to schedule a row of single spots for your moving truck on the big day.

Then take into consideration exactly where your professional movers will be stepping and prepare a wide way to allow them to safely follow. You can set down boards should there be mud, however most professional moving companies will put down floor runners to keep the floors spotless. It's also advisable to clear away all obstructions out of the way to speed up the move and take away stumbling hazards.

Investigate the Contract & Discard Unmovables

While waiting for the moving truck in Atlanta, take a moment to look at your moving agreement and docs. There are typically fascinating details and insights into the moving industry just by perusing the files that the moving company in Atlanta gave you.

The contract will also list particular things that the movers cannot move, usually legally. Included in this are everything living which includes house plants, anything that might explode, or anything at all that could rot in the truck. If you have fish, pets, hazardous materials, or house plants then make plans to take them with you instead of transferring them in the truck. And if you've got any queries about what can and can't move on the moving van, give your moving coordinator a call. They would be happy to reply to any queries you might have.

Fill the Refrigerator with Sodas and Water

After that, take a moment to fill your refrigerator with drinks and snacks. Your fridge has already been purged meaning there will be more than enough room for cases of soda and water and possibly even goodies for the crew. The larger your move, the more valued refreshments will probably be. Specifically if you, similar to most, move in the warmer periods. Supplying treats for the moving crew is not imperative, but we guarantee you that it will be well received and valued.

Load up Your Car

Finally, ensure your personal transport is packed and prepared to head out. Likelihood is, once the professional movers are gone and you have cleaned the residence one final time, you're leaving for good. The simplest way to ensure you don't forget anything will be to do the full inspection in advance. Check your gas and oil levels. Review your overnight bag and make sure any house plants and pets are ready to go when it is time.


Once you've handled everything else, waiting around for the moving truck can feel like a significant stretch of vacant time. But with this checklist, you should have your time productively utilized so that the house is picture-perfect when the professional movers arrive. For additional moving tips or to consult on your moving needs, contact us today!


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
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Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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