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February 14, 2023

How to Ensure Your Moving Day Goes Smoothly

moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving day can be an important time in the moving process; it will be the day every carton and also piece of furniture is loaded into the truck and transport begins. While you may have found professional movers in Atlanta to handle the hard lifting, there will still be many things that you should do on moving day to make sure your relocation will be a success.

Carrying out a stress-free moving day is all about organization. Now, we can take a closer look at how to make certain your moving day proceeds smoothly.

Label Your Boxes

If the packing is carried out by you and your family, be sure to definitely label boxes by room and by contents. In the event there are delicate or electronic belongings inside, mark the box as "FRAGILE" on all sides so that your professional movers will understand to handle it with care. Not only will box labeling give clarity, but it should also help you unpack later on.

Assign a Family Moving Supervisor

A minimum of one responsible adult should be present to manage the move. This might be you, your partner, or perhaps a trustworthy friend if you cannot be there in person. The moving supervisor will be your stand-in. He or She should be able to answer questions as well as specify directions to your professional movers in Atlanta whilst they load everything up. They will additionally be asked to verify and sign paperwork and to provide input for any necessary change of schedule.

Clear the Walkways for Box Transport

Make certain there is a clear, obstacle-free walkway between the boxes and the moving van. The outdoor walkway is crucial, but so is making unobstructed walkways between boxes inside your home. Look at the floor for small obstacles or hazards, and if the weather is wet, put a heavy-duty welcome mat on both sides of the door. This can help your professional movers in Atlanta move productively as well as without harm.

Keep Children as well as Family Pets Safely Occupied

Children and pets usually need to stay out of the activity during moving day. The best thing for them is being safely occupied. This can be a great time for kids to squeeze in a final visit with a school friend or to hang out with nearby grandparents.

Clarify Priority Packing

When organizing your move, be concise with your professional movers in Atlanta about what order you'd like stuff loaded into the truck. You might also want to point out a certain area of belongings that shouldn’t be put into the moving truck because they are going in your own car.

Do a Final Double Check to Find Every Last Item

As your professional movers in Atlanta are packing up the truck, this is the ideal time to complete your last double check. Take a walk through your house checking each and every single cabinet, upper shelf, drawer, and also space behind doors. Look for dropped items. Peer in the attic for forgotten long-term storage items. Check the bathroom drawers for items pushed to the back. You're probably going to uncover a minimum of one sock, and also maybe a few items which you lost years ago.

Swap Contact Info with Your Moving Team

Finally, be sure you are able to keep in contact with your moving crew. While you might already have the moving company in Atlanta contact's information, take a moment to write down the cell number of the driver who will be transporting your belongings. This should permit you to communicate throughout the trip and arrange the delivery schedule.

Enjoy a Smooth Move with A-1 Freeman Moving Group

Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Atlanta, we care most about helping people effectively go from one home to the next. We want you to feel relaxed, and for your arrival at the new residence to be a refreshing time to rebuild. Whatever moving services you want, we've got you covered.

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