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April 10, 2020

How to Limit Downtime in a Corporate Office Move

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

There isn't any question that your business will endure a little downtime while you're moving to Atlanta, the question is the right way to reduce that period. Today, "downtime" describes the time you will be offline and separated from buyers and distributors--not the time spent literally moving furniture and equipment from point A to point B.

You may find three main elements to reducing your time offline, and whenever you implement the 3 you will be equipped to pull off a seamless move. But here is the trick--you cannot select two out of three; there's a synchronicity for this process that calls for concentration on every one of the three parts.

Point Person and Planning

If you take away a single thing from reading this, it truly is that you'll require one person responsible. And that single person's principal undertaking is to deal with all the organizing and logistics of the move.

Identify a budget for the move and set your point person free to interview and hire a professional office moving company in Atlanta. The following are a number of additional duties your internal “concierge” should manage.

Service providers--anybody from the water delivery person to the internet provider--have to know your move time as quickly as possible, and also any variations in the scope of their work. Generate a timetable of when services may be shut off in your existing location and when they'll be live in the new one. In a perfect world, there exists a couple of days overlap to ensure that you are covered should there be a snafu with the actual move.

Floor Plan

Get your point person a floor plan of the new area when you have any upfit details and discuss it with the professional movers in Atlanta. These details not only helps assess prices (ground floor vs elevator, loading docks, and so forth.), yet lets the team structure the flow of the move-in. A copy of the floor plan truly will help the designers place workstations and also other accessories in front of the move and that subsequently lessens the actual loading to the location.

IT Closet

Consider it what you will--IT Closet, Server Room, Hall of Despair and Confusion--the earlier you identify where that spot is, your IT crew will be able to prepare for running cables and whatnot.

Possibly, if you are moving your workplace you're going to be likewise springing for the latest in technology. In case you haven't upgraded your systems for a while, you're in for a wonderful shock--that substantial room you required for the out of date equipment has shrunk so much that you may possibly merely need a modest area committed to the IT equipment.

Now is also a good time to assess your tech accessories--the equipment that defends you if something goes wrong. These consist of your power backups, surge guards, fire extinguishers, and HVAC.


If you are using the cloud and your team can work remotely through the move, you could be able to keep proceeding devoid of any online downtime. When that is not your situation, ensure that your moving magician has all these particulars nailed down.

The IT crew will need to have all the cabling and connections for workstations, printers, and telephones confirmed and geared up for action right after the new devices enters in the door. Should you be getting new equipment, ensure it's all in place so they can plug it in once the workstations arrive.

Taking care of All the Particulars

Your concierge deals with all the internal particulars and hands-off info as required to the moving company, suppliers, and others that ought to be in the loop. This frees up the remainder of the workers to continue focusing on their real jobs as opposed to pondering where they may find the files. It also helps spirits to understand that there's one person dealing with every little thing, plus they know where to go in order to dismiss the rumors that you'll be getting rid of the free cups of coffee.

In short, for those who have a strategy and also the right point person and office moving company in Atlanta employing the plan, your business move could be seamless and worry-free.


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The Mickelson Family
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