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November 03, 2023

Let's Talk About Moving Supplies

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

If you ask people about moving supplies, pretty much everybody says that you need boxes and tape. Sure, we recognize that boxes as well as tape would be vitally essential for all moves, but these things are really the beginning.

There are different supplies at the different parts of your move, whether it be while you are packing or even on moving day or somewhere between here and there. Read on for a list of the various moving supplies and equipment you might need for your future move!

Packing Supplies

Boxes. As a professional mover in Atlanta, we see it a lot, people basically using whatever is laying around, without giving it a thought. There are many various kinds of boxes, with different sizes, weights, and also purposes. But, you won’t want to necessarily place anything in any box in which it will fit. Make use of actual moving boxes when you can, although saved shipping cartons can be great for smaller belongings. For electronics and awkward things it is often worth saving the box they originally came in. The most important thing is not to over pack boxes so that they weigh a lot. Believe us, after some time, five pounds could seem like fifty. Pick boxes made from recycled cardboard if you can. After you are finished make use of them, moving boxes could be recycled, held onto for a future use, or given to a family member who is moving.

Don’t forget that you should be able to get boxes from your local moving company in Atlanta if you need some, and they will often provide suggestions on what boxes to purchase based on your quote. Whenever you have your local moving company in Atlanta pack and unpack your things you don't even have to be concerned with boxes, as they will use their own.

Packing Tape. This is the extremely sticky and durable tape that a majority of folks trust when they’re shipping boxes. This comes highly recommended if packing during any move. You will likely require more than you think you will, so be sure to stock up and buy an extra roll or perhaps two.

Packing Paper. You’ll need lots of packing paper to wrap fragile belongings in and to also pack into empty spaces in the boxes. It is a good idea to get ink-free paper rather than making use of old newspapers. The ink from the newspaper can rub off to your belongings and could ruin them.

Bubble Wrap. Make use of this to wrap overly fragile belongings, for example glassware as well as china. It may also be used to give extra cushioning in boxes.

Labels / Markers. Hear us when we tell you that you will want to clearly mark all boxes. The last thing you want while unloading the moving van is to have to open and rummage through boxes to find out which area they should go to.

Moving Day Necessities

Dollies. These little beauties are a fabulous way to move a number of moving boxes altogether, no matter how heavy they are. You need to just place the heaviest boxes on the bottom and then go lighter as the stack gets higher.

Furniture Pads. Moving blankets will be a great way to guard against damage throughout a move. You should just wrap your appliances, household furnishings, as well as other bulky items in them. And also they will be superb not only for stopping scratches and other blemishes. They’ll additionally help protect your things from grime and also moisture.

Ramp. A loading ramp can provide you with a tremendous amount of assistance. It will assist you to move your boxes, furniture, and also other belongings right up and into the back of the moving truck sans needing to lift the things any higher than is comfortable for you.

Cargo Straps. Also referred to as tie-down straps or ratchet straps, retractable cargo straps will be another wonderful method to secure your moving boxes, crates, and everything else. Their customizable length usually provides a lot more flexibility than a set of bungee cords.

Certainly, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the size of your move, consider finding a professional local or long-distance moving company in Atlanta to assist. Our A-1 Freeman Moving Group team has the experience, knowledge, and also, of course, all the moving tools required to get your belongings safely and securely from one place to the other as stress-free as possible.

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