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August 18, 2020

Planning Your Realistic Moving Timeline

Planning for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving normally takes more time than most people imagine it will. We sometimes miscalculate the length of time and work it requires to pack up all your worldly possessions into containers, into a moving van, and get all the things to the correct destination. Packing on its own can be exhausting, and not everyone has the natural organizational abilities to make it work effectively.

Amongst your job and children along with self-care, there's usually not enough time in your slated moving time frame to get it all done. Hiring a professional moving company in Atlanta can reduce that time span, however the best approach is to create a reasonable timeline from the start. A sensible moving schedule for many families is about 2 months. Let us take a look at a standard moving schedule and the way to build your own practical timetable for the forthcoming move to Atlanta.

Example 2-Month Timeline

· Weeks 1-4:

o Clean and Arrange

o Obtain Cardboard boxes

o Garage Sale

o Book Moving Company in Atlanta

o Pack Lesser-Used Stuff

o Sign Lease / Close House Sale

· Weeks 5-6:

o Get Keys to New Home

o Final Fixes

o Pack All things except Necessities

o Make Plans for Items that Can't travel in the Moving truck

o Make Traveling Plans for Family members

o Cancel Local Accounts as well as Subscriptions

· Week 7:

o Pack All but Travel Baggage

o Disassemble Household furniture

o Wrap Up Final Business

o Mail Forwarding

· Week 8:

o Load the Truck

o Final Property Clean

o Transfer Utilities

o Last-Minute Concerns

o Hand Over the Keys

o Travel

o Get there Safely

2 Months Moving Time

Allow at least two months to reserve a professional mover, pack up and close your complete local affairs. Packing takes time, and so does sifting through your things to give away or sell what you'll not transport together with you. If your time is bound, and you may only pack after work or weekends or when you recognize that packing is not really your skill, allow yourself more time. It's also possible to speak to your professional moving company in Atlanta about what packing services they offer.

Create Packing & Preparation Due dates

However, do not allow yourself all the time in the world. Establish due dates. This can be the best method to get motivated and to use your time efficiently whilst packing up the property. Make a decision that you will have the entire guest bedroom packed by this Saturday, and the complete great room packed by next Saturday and take the measures to get it done.

New House Preparedness Milestones

Additionally establish deadlines so you can get the documents and strategies set for the move. You might want to close on your rental or property purchase, acquire the keys, be sure the utilities are on in the new home and also turned off in the previous location, and so on. Compose a list of all the important home-transition milestones you should cover. Forward your mail, get hold of new services, and make sure the houses are ready to be able to jump from one to the next.

Allow a Final Day for Cleaning

Allow one final day after the truck is loaded. First, moving van loading takes more time than you anticipate if you are loading DIY. Second, you will likely need to do one last round of ceiling-to-floor cleaning prior to your final departure. Allow yourself the time to get it done right, rest, and then safely get on the highway after one final day of sprucing up.

Be Ready a Week Ahead of Time

Finally, allow yourself a week of margin-time at the end. Never ride it up to the wire, there are always setbacks of one type or another. You might need to commit an additional day in the old residence prior to getting on the road. There's a chance you're delayed by weather or even a blown tire when traveling. The new house might not be ready for a day. Whatever happens, allow yourself time to handle it. Communicate with your moving company in Atlanta and make certain you have wiggle-room for departure, arriving, and issue handling along the way.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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