Mapping Your Move to Atlanta--A Tech-Free (Mostly) Road Trip

Road tripBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Ahh, the beauty of the open road. Visions of road-tripping cross country, taking in the sights, finding a fantastic neighborhood diner--all the romantic visuals of traveling Route 66 vanish quickly when your reality is shepherding the children along with a dog to your new residence. Planning a drive which helps to keep everyone on an even keel is probably not in first place on your to-do list right now however take a little bit to map out your travel methodology as well as your path--it is absolutely worthwhile.

If the moving company has packed and loaded everything, and a multi-day journey is standing between you and your new residence in Atlanta, the trepidation for the journey is legitimate. And it seems like the simplest action to take is to stock up on USB chargers to make certain everyone is always occupied, and you will be free to have a little peace and quiet and also NPR. That is the easy way, but who said life was meant to be easy? Get some maps, games, coloring books, crayons, and fill up your mobile phone with road songs--this is a generation which has matured on "Baby Shark" and must be taught "John Jacob Jingleheimerwhatever".

Planning Your Route to Atlanta

Get genuine paper road maps for your children and teach them the best ways to look at the symbols and pick out the rivers, streets, state borders, etc. Have them find fun stuff to do--"points of interest"--along the way and let each person pick out one tourist trap along the way, or one per day you will be traveling. Should you be traveling with pets, here is the possibility to get them out and going some during the day.

Car Activities

Kids nowadays. They're so obsessed with Snapchat and YouTube they have overlooked the fun of car activities. If you cannot recollect any, or you despised them as a kid and failed to pay attention, try these. You just need your creativeness for these kinds of traditional favorites. You and your partner can initiate each of the activities until there is full buy-in.

· Name Game--list a name. The subsequent person needs to think up a name whose first letter is the final letter of your name--George--Ellen--Nathaniel. You can create your own guidelines concerning nicknames and diminutives, subject to your children's age groups in addition to overall tendency for hand to hand hostilities. Proper names, locations, vehicles--anything goes here.

· Punch Buggy--enjoy this one when you can, given that VW is halting assembly on the Beetle. If you see one, you yell the color in addition to punch buggy--"white punch buggy" and then--quickly say--"no punch backs". The champ consequently can SOFTLY poke sisters and brothers on the arm--with zero retaliatory punch backs.

· Grandma Went to London--there are plenty of nicknames for this game, nonetheless fundamentally, you start out with "Grandma visited London and she packed ......" The next person says exactly the same thing and adds a second thing, and so forth. It is easier to go alphabetically to get beyond the 3rd round.

· I Spy--easy enough, one rule. The thing you describe will have to be inside the car.

· My Cows--or billboards, or bridges. Pick the feature, and the individual who notices it first gets the points. Should you be heading through a non-urban part and see genuine livestock, be sure you count swiftly.

Sing Melodies

Put family-friendly, entertaining to sing music on your gadget, and show the youngsters the excitement of the aforementioned John Jacob. Allow them to teach you tunes they have learned, as well--but only one Baby Shark per drive. Or Mommy's going to London with an empty suitcase.


Extended times in the car are exhausting, and nobody wants to be continuously entertained. Listen to audiobooks--choose books you're all familiar with, so if somebody dozes off they don't miss something. Nothing compares to Harry Potter for road trip listening.

Don't be the mean mom and dad and block all of their technology however do make an effort to limit it by providing other activities to do. An excessive amount of screen time may make all of us a little dialed out and touchy, and this is definitely not the time to encourage the grouchies. Soon enough, the professional movers in Atlanta will be unloading the truck and you will be in the midst of unpacking your new residence. The kids can getaway in their new bedrooms and not be seen again. Use this time to force some old-school entertainment on them--years from now, these shall be fond remembrances.


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