What Your Movers Won't Move

things you can't put on a moving vanby Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Congrats, you are the smart person that arranged your moving company in Atlanta in plenty of time, walked through your residence along with a moving company sales rep to determine the number of moving trucks and workers you need, and efficiently packed and labeled your boxes.

Now, did you read the small print on the agreement? In case you didn't read the whole thing, and many people don't get past the dates and numbers before their eyes glaze over, locate it, have a seat, and look at it now. Fill an additional mug of coffee if you wish to, however when you get to the portion concerning what the professional movers in Atlanta are unable to have on the moving van, odds are pretty decent that contract will have your complete focus.

What You Cannot Transport

Which of these is Prohibited on a moving van? Are any one of these against the law for the workers to load and move, or is it simply company policy? The answer is a really clear-cut, this will depend.

· Rubber Plant

· Lawnmower

· Fireworks

· Money

The only thing mentioned above that may go on the moving van is the lawn mower--if the gas and oil reservoirs have already been emptied. Indoor plants normally cannot cross state lines--that is a legal issue--and moving companies in Atlanta would not like any insects residing in leaves or the soil jumping ship on the moving van itself.

Fireworks are prohibited.

Moving companies will not be in charge of valuables on the truck. Your homeowner’s insurance might take care of any material mishaps, but in all likelihood won't replace missing cash. Take it to the bank and recover it as soon as you are settled or carry it with you.

What's Unlawful to Transport

So, the list of what you can't pack and load really isn't such a bore, in any case. These are some other things that movers are not going to load, along with the explanations why not.

· Any item that is flammable, corrosive, explosive or combustible and may hypothetically place the lives of the staff and the equipment in danger, is illegal. So, a lawnmower having an empty gas/oil tank is okay, however an aerosol can of disinfectant isn't.

· Plants--a number of states have regulations about what indoor plants are able to cross over the state line. Mites and also pests that aren't an issue in certain states are massive hazards in others, thus leave your indoor plants for the neighborhood friends or give them to your pals. Should you be bringing the pots, wash them with bleach before you load them.

· Alcohol--guidelines vary among states. Be safe and have an empty the bar party prior to when you move.

· Gasoline

What Many Company Guidelines Restrict

Every professional mover in Atlanta has its own set of forbidden objects, but these will be the standard things you can expect to leave behind or bring yourself.

Chemical substances are determined by their capacity to have interaction with other matter and alter the structure and substance of that matter. In layman's terms, this shows that when you put anti-freeze and wood stains on the moving van jointly and they happen to interact under force or high temperature, really awful things can happen. And if you're thinking that a few bottles of nail polish and remover plus a chemistry set is not going to pack enough of a wallop to change anything, you are wrong. So DO NOT pack the following.

· Household Cleaning products

· Paint and Paint Remover--this includes fingernail polish

· Pool chemicals

· Pesticides, Weed Killers, and also Fertilizers

· Aerosol Cans

· Perishable Foods

· Fireworks

Don’t forget that grocery delivery is a wonderful thing--buy via the internet and have your cleaning supplies, paper products, and foodstuffs delivered soon once you have gotten to your new residence.

When you have any questions about some products, check with your moving company in Atlanta ahead of moving day, especially if you intend to make other plans for transport or charitable contributions.

Click HERE for A-1 Freeman Moving Group’s listing of Non-Transportable Items.


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